Honda HHT35SUKA Brush Cutter and String Trimmer Overview


Deciding on an inexpensive string trimmer that can cope with regular trimming careers and heavier brush and weeds is no straightforward feat. Why? Since there are so numerous exceptional solutions out there from 4 cycle Stihl’s to 2 stroke Echo’s. I have a 24cc, 2 stroke Echo that has lasted four decades with only minor difficulties, but needed a heavier obligation trimmer for weed abatement.

Soon after perusing the web I found the Honda HHT35SUKA, a straight shaft mixture brush cutter and string trimmer. The selling price arrived to considerably less than $400.00, which was all I could pay for. Following a minor examine I decided to give it a try out.

Driven by a significant Honda 35cc mini 4 stroke motor, the HHT35SUKA is rather large. Having said that, bicycle handles and a double harness make it a lot easier to manage the more bodyweight. Weighing slightly around 15 lbs, I discovered I could use it most of a day with small strain. That is expressing a large amount, considering that at the age of 59 I weigh in at about 148 lbs, with sneakers on.

The item features the skill to conveniently transit amongst “regular trimming jobs and cutting brush, hefty weeds, and even compact trees.” Even so, by the time you dismantle the head, put in the observed blade and alter to a unique blade guard, the cows in the industry are collected about you providing tips. The 10 inch noticed blade is incorporated, but is not the ideal high-quality.

The 4-stroke motor starts off reliably and of program does not need a combination of oil and fuel the manufacturer insists upon top quality. The 4 stroke motor provides fewer smoke and fewer scent and is quite fuel effective. The 1st time I used it I invested far too significantly time in one place and went by way of a tank of gas way too rapidly. Even so, after I got into a rhythm it was smooth sailing and less refills.

My largest grievance is that I have to carry pliers with me to extract the utilized up, shortened string. In addition, you have to measure out and insert two items of new string to the proper length, manually.

So, change off the device, undo the harness (which does not disengage as very easily as advertised), yank out the applied string from the head with pliers, pull the string out that I have wound up in my pocket, slash to evaluate with hand pruners, insert–sometimes simply and occasionally with pliers–reattach to the harness and restart the machine.

It sounds dreadful but I at some point got the hang of it and was able to transform string pretty rapidly, but not nearly as rapidly or as uncomplicated as, say, a bump feed head.

The HHT35SUKA is so quiet that at to start with I identified myself continuously hunting down to make guaranteed the weeds had been basically currently being slice. Sure, they had been, and at a very good, regular pace.

Persons who are made use of to 2 cycle trimmers complain about 4 cycles not possessing plenty of power. This is simply because a 2 stroke engine fires only as soon as for every flip of the piston. Each individual time the piston cycles, the air and gas combination is compelled in and the exhaust forced out. Consequently, every stroke of the piston is a power stroke.

A electric power stroke (spark plug igniting compressed air and gas) for a 4 cycle trimmer forces the piston down, but the momentum of the piston then only drives the exhaust out on its return. The continuing momentum once again plunges the piston downward devoid of support from its spark plug, generating a vacuum over that sucks in gas and air. When returning upward a next time, the hugely compressed fuel and air are once more ignited by the plug. In other words and phrases, in a 4 stroke motor each other cycle is a power stroke.

Even though the 2 cycle produces instantaneous torque, the more piston in a 4 cycle eventually supplies extra electrical power for tougher weeds and brush, however with a slight delay in comparison to the 2 cycle. Simply because of their frenetic exercise and significantly less lubrication, 2 cycle trimmers have a tendency to use out faster.

The HHT35SUKA will come with a double harness and security goggles, even though you will almost certainly want to get greater goggles. I procured confront safety that resembles a welder’s mask, as the particles leaping up into my face greater in quantity and in speed when utilizing the Honda trimmer.

View out for rocks when employing the blade as the ensuing sparks can get started a fireplace!

The HHT35SUKA has a 2 year household warranty and a 1 year industrial guarantee by means of Honda. For much more aspects about this trimmer go to or service-Facts/HONDA/647610#sthash.a5OZt3e7.dpuf

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