Make A Doggy Bandana – Double Layered


This usually takes a person to two several hours and is sturdier than a solitary-layered pet dog bandana.

  • Pick out a cotton or comparable fabric that appears excellent with your doggy&#39s coloring
  • Use matching thread on your sewing equipment or for sewing by hand
  • Straight pins, a marking pen and scissors will be required


Size of doggy bandana:

  • Lesser pet – circumference of pet&#39s neck + 14 inches (355mm)
  • More substantial puppy – circumference of pet dog&#39s neck + 18 inches (460mm)

Top of doggy bandana:

  • Smaller sized puppy – 4 to 6 inches (100 to 155mm)
  • More substantial pet – 7 to 9 inches (180 to 230mm)


  1. Double your material, completely wrong sides out, folding alongside the length (horizontal axis)
  2. Mark the corners together the folded edge points E and D
  3. Fold in fifty percent all over again, this time alongside the peak (vertical axis), so that corner D lies on top rated of corner E
  4. Pin the levels collectively
  5. Mark the corner wherever all the folds fulfill, issue A
  6. Mark the corner fashioned when you folded D on to E, level C
  7. Stage B is marked as follows: For a greater pet dog, go up 7 to 9 inches (180 to 230mm) from A along the folded edges For a smaller sized pet, go up 4 to 6 inches (100 to 155mm) from A alongside the folded edges
  8. Place B ought to be the peak of your triangle
  9. With a straight edge, attract a dotted line from issue B to place C
  10. The region higher than the dotted line (with the edges that aren&#39t folded) is to be reduce away
  11. You need to have a proper-angled (90 diploma) triangle still left with details A, B and C marked on it


  1. Unfold the earlier mentioned triangle so that details C and D are obvious and you have a huge, shallow triangle
  2. Switch the bandana inside of out so the mistaken sides are on the inside and one right facet is on top going through you
  3. Commencing at the best middle place, and operating either appropriate or still left, fold the edge around about 1/4 to 1/2 inch to the inside of and pin
  4. Fold the bottom edge above to the inside to match the top rated
  5. (As you go, you can take out the pins from the leading edge and pin both of those edges together)
  6. Continue to keep the top rated point of the triangle in the center of your bandana
  7. Make points out of the base two corners as very best as you can – you could have to slice off extra material in advance of folding and stitching
  8. Sew jointly by hand or machine about 1/8 inch (2 to 3mm) from the edges. Trim loose threads.

Bear in mind to take away the pins prior to you check out the dog bandana out on your canine!

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