All About Overlocking / Edging Your Carpet Offcuts and Hallway Runners!


Nowadays I am likely to give you an insight into what carpet edging and Corridor Runners are all about and why it’s completed.

Carpet arrives in standard widths of 3.6 or 4m vast. In some cases you may possibly stop up with a large amount of off cuts or none at all. Typically when carpet receives laid in a property you will conclude up with quite a few off cuts, this is owing to irregular measurement and shaped rooms.

Hallway Runners come in regular widths of 67cm or 80cm on rolls of 20-30 meters lengthy, and as soon as lower to size the finishes will need overlocking for a wonderful finished search and to cease the fraying of the ends.

What do you use the off cuts of carpet for?

In most instances folks use the off cuts to position in excess of the substantial traffic places of their new house, this will help to extend the existence of their newly laid carpet or wooden floors, areas like, Hallways, Doorways, Dwelling rooms or Action rooms are just some. Quite usually the off cuts, the moment Overlocked, are made use of to protect wood flooring or positioned about tiles to increase warmth, it is really entirely up to the personal but carpet is not low cost, so why not make use of your off cuts!

What do you have to have Hallway Runner Rugs for?

Many houses these days have wood or tiled flooring and want Hallway Runners to insert warmth or character for attractive explanations. The other reasons for Hallway Runner Rugs is to secure your flooring, considering the fact that you have invested a good deal of funds and many others. for them why wouldn’t you want to appear just after them.

Yet another motive is for your possess nicely remaining, regions like in a kitchen area for eg. standing on a runner rug for instance, is a great deal much better for your legs and back than standing on a wooden or tiled flooring, they will also enable to minimise the echoing of sounds and preserve peoples feet heat when strolling around their properties.

How is Carpet Overlocking performed?

Applying a certain industrial stitching device termed a Carpet Overlocker.

We overlock a border of yarn roughly 15mm extensive. This will offer an outstanding complete to any Carpet Remnant and will also prevent your carpet from fraying.


What do I require to Do With My Offcuts?

Respond to: You ought to do the job out what sizes you need for locations that demands mats, usually doorways or website traffic locations to assist protect the new carpet and so forth. You then have to have to test if there is adequate carpet off cuts still left above to make up the mats you demand.

How really should I have the corners of my Mats or Runners concluded off?

There are two means the corners of mats or Hallway Runners are concluded off.

For the vast majority of all Carpet Mats rounded corners are advised, the rationale is this, it assists avoid the corners from curling up or dog earing, plus it truly is much better as it really is a continual stitch, not to point out a neater complete, where by as sq. corners have a weak place exactly where the overlocking starts off and stops.

The common strategy applied for overlocking the ends of Hallway Runners is to have square corners, this is for a few motives, to begin with, there is ordinarily a sample on hallway runners and possessing spherical corners would slice section of the sample off. Secondly, we cannot generally match the edging colour, so with sq. corners the overlocking is only adjoining the initial stitching at the quite suggestion making it is less noticeable.

What Overlocking color to use?

The color of yarn utilised is usually as shut as feasible to the carpet or Hallway Runner, but we commonly go a a bit darker shade as a basic rule.

In some scenarios contrasting colors or bright colours are also sewn on to the carpet remnants, it all will come down to particular person desire and design.

Now you are prepared! Just carry in your measurements and carpet to be quoted.

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