7 Points to Take into account When Selecting a Tenon Jig for Your Workshop


There are dozens of various ways to slash a tenon, from using a $ 10 handsaw to a twin-headed tenoner costing 1000’s of dollars. But most of us dwelling woodworkers choose some thing somewhere in amongst. We want precision, of course, and speed would be great, but we don’t want to have to expend a lot of funds or be restricted to a little selection of sizes.

No jig is fantastic for every single kind of tenon below the sunlight, but there are some we can short-record for our thing to consider. Right here are my criteria for choosing a tenon jig.

1. Length of tenon.
Any jig that cuts the tenon finish on, vertically, these kinds of as the Leigh router jig or the Delta tablesaw jig will have the depth of reduce of the machine as the restricting issue. For a 10 “tablesaw this signifies tenons up to 3” lengthy. On a router it is the size of uncovered router cutter.

On a bandsaw there is no length limitation, just that the width of the workpiece be fewer than the peak beneath the blade guard.

2. Thickness of tenon
If you use a jig which utilizes templates, then you are confined to the dimensions of all those templates. For new-develop assignments that almost certainly gained’t be a challenge but may perhaps be if restoring an more mature piece. Most persons in North The us use inches as their device of measurement, whereas most of the relaxation of the world operates in millimeters. Getting in a position to use both system is sometimes extremely advantageous.

3. Accuracy and regularity
Take into account the way the jig by itself in fact operates. Are both cheek cuts references of one particular experience, just as you would by hand, or do they reference of two unique faces? The latter is frequent, wherever you have to flip the workpiece spherical to reduce the second cheek, but this is inherently inaccurate. If your workpieces are even incredibly a little bit distinctive in thickness, then you tenons will be, way too. Some will be limited and some will be unfastened and demand a large amount of fettling to get correct. Moreover, the tenon will usually be useless center, whether or not you want it to be or not.

4. Machine security
Quite a few tenon jigs, especially those people designed for use on tablesaws, call for the person to clear away the riving knife, because it receives in the way. The riving knife generally supports the blade guard so the person is uncovered to unnecessary danger. Make sure that you pick out a jig which enables quick operation but which retains your own protection.

5. Flexibility
If the jig you opt for can be used for a wide range of responsibilities in the workshop, then you will get included profit from it. For example, will it also cut bridle or halving joints, or keyed miters maybe? Can it offer with off-center tenons or twin tenons, or is it a 1-trick pony?

6. Velocity ​​of established-up
Almost all tenon jigs can be relied on to develop exact tenons, but just how quick are they to established up? Some jigs choose for a longer period to set up than to basically use for a batch position. It is not just the match of the tenon that requires to be regarded as, it is the position of it within just the thickness of the workpiece, as well. This is primarily significant when making facial area-frames. If the tenon is not in the suitable place, the maker will have to plane off the faces of all the rails and the backs of all the stiles in get to get every thing flush. On some jigs, moving the tenon around, say, 1/32 “needs the repositioning of both tenon cheeks individually, so equally healthy and placement grow to be a issue of trial and error.

7. Pace ​​in use
As soon as the jig is set up, how swiftly does it lower the tenons? A jig that cuts the cheeks and shoulders with a single slice, fairly than nibbling absent 1/8 “at a time will be a lot quicker to use.

When you have content yourself of the over tenon jig problems and found a single that ticks all the right containers for you, then you want to decide no matter if you acquire just one off the shelf or construct your own.

There are many options on-line, some absolutely free, some not, but most of them, in my viewpoint at least, fall quite brief in fact, primarily in the set-up speed and security-in-use, departments.

And many off-the-shelf ones have really serious constraints of capability, as perfectly as the set up and security concerns of most of the many others.

It was with velocity, protection, accuracy and flexibility in thoughts that I formulated the Top Tablesaw Tenon Jig and, later on, the Best Bandsaw Tenon Jig. There is no unguarded tablesaw blade on which to possibility your fingers and each jigs are quick to established up as effectively as to use. Additionally, I am not restricted to having the tenon lifeless central, I can have it to match the mortice if that is not lifeless middle, and if the tenon is not pretty in the appropriate position I can go the whole jig over a exact and accurate volume so that it does come to be properly aligned, and do so with out getting rid of the fit of the tenon in the system.

I also found that it was uncomplicated to use it for twin tenons and halving joints as perfectly, so it ticks all the bins for me and other folks have explained that they would under no circumstances go again to their outdated cast-iron design, as very well. Certain, shopping for 1 is swift, but building your individual as a venture in its very own ideal is extremely enjoyable, especially when the conclusion final result is so much better.

It does glance complicated when you first see it, but each individual section has a individual operate and is very basic in itself. If you locate that too challenging, start out by building one particular of the a lot of no cost styles obtainable on the web. But see if you can boost on the initial style and design, bearing in intellect some of the troubles lifted earlier mentioned.

So even so you come to a decision to slice your tenons, make certain that your jig cuts them Ideal Initially Time Each Time.

Joyful woodworking!

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