Hair Extension Varieties


Bulk/Braiding Hair– This hair will come loose with no keratin, glue, clips or wefts hooked up. Use this wide range if you want to implement your individual keratin recommendations or braid the extensions in with your have hair. Bulk/Weaving hair can be challenging to deal with simply because there is practically nothing to hold it jointly and keep it from acquiring messy – think of a ponytail you place an elastic on and slash off – then you attempt to do the job with compact sections of it devoid of producing a mess – achievable but tricky to do. I propose having hair on a weft when attainable for simplicity of dealing with.

Bulk/Braiding hair is utilised for:


-Tipping with keratin/glue

Weaving/Weft Hair– This hair has been sewn jointly at a single conclude so you have a steady “track” of hair. The wefts arrive in either device or handmade. Device created is the best for most purposes: they are the best for gluing simply because the glue sticks nicely to the wider stitching region and they have a tendency to be thicker for greater density. Handmade wefts are very good and are most effective for stitching in a weave when you want to keep the bulkiness to a least. Hand wefts appear in normal 10″ extended wefts that can’t be reduce because they will unravel. Device wefts are commonly 36″-48″ extended and can be slice to length. 4oz is the typical measurement for a bundle of weft extensions- the lengthier the hair the shorter the weft. One particular 4oz package deal is typically plenty of if you are employing 12″, 14″ and often 18″ size. Nearly anything longer you will more than possible require 2 packs of hair.

Weaving/Weft extensions is used for:

-Tipping with keratin/glue

-Weaving- Braiding

-Producing Clip-in Extensions

Skin Wefts– are slender strips of clear polyurethane in which hair has been vented into. They can be added greater up the crown than keratin suggestions and perform excellent when hair is incredibly delicate and has issues keeping other kinds of extensions. Con-Elimination and clean up-up is pretty messy.

Pre-Tipped Keratin Extensions-This hair will come previously pre-tipped with keratin. The packs are usually smaller sized than the weft or bulk assortment commonly ½-1oz of hair for every pack. The sizing of the guidelines can change enormously from 5 grams to 1 gram. The guidelines arrive different styles for the pursuing takes advantage of:

-I-Tipped/Shoe Lace Tipped for use with micro rings

-I-Tipped with Ring attached(Rinex)

-U-Tipped/Flat Tipped for use with a incredibly hot fusion tool or iron

cut to length machine

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